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How It Works: Solar Thermal HVACs

Solar thermal assisted heating and cooling system uses solar energy to reduce demand side energy usage of your HVAC system. The international patented technology can be used for all types of comfort cooling and heating applications, boasting efficiencies exceeding 70%.

ThermX has installed its patented multiplexed thermal collection system on the main discharge from the compressors, therefore allowing both compressors to utilise the free energy generated by the sun.

It can be a completely new install for any application, as well as a retrofit for older systems, including screw, digital scroll, inverter, and staged scroll HVAC and Chiller systems.

With these systems, you’ll save money on your monthly utility bills and be eligible for federal and state tax credits. Contact one of our representatives to learn more about what tax credits and incentives you could benefit from!

A few of the benefits our customers have noticed after installing solar HVAC systems include

  • reduced electric overhead,

  • extended equipment lifespan,

  • increase in staff and customer comfort, and

  • reduced CO2 production.

If you’d like to see similar benefits, contact The Next Energy Technologies today for a consultation.


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