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Consultancy based approach to energy conservation for your business


Our consultancy based approach to energy conservation means that we can offer your business full-service delivery in-house including design, finance, project management, installation, and access to a portfolio of the market’s best performing products.


As a forward-thinking company, The Next Energy Technology regularly demonstrates market-leading innovation by engineering and implementing new solutions and technologies. Clients that work with The Next Energy experience significant financial benefits.


A complete FREE energy efficiency audit is crucial in finding the best technology solutions for your business’ needs.

Simple steps

With our energy audit, we will show your company exactly where it can reduce its energy costs by at least 10%, and as much as 100%.


We will identify the low, or no cost maintenance adjustments that your company can make to save energy. Our audit will provide both low cost and short term energy efficiency practices that can be implemented on your current equipment and operational practices. Plus, we will provide an action plan to best utilize your energy efficiency capital expenses.

At this stage we present the necessary information for choosing the best solution.


  • Return on investment report

  • Cost of doing nothing analysis

  • Incentives and grants available

  • Investment comparison chart

  • Cumulative cash flow report

Our goals are to find the best solutions for your energy requirements that will not only bring the quickest return on your investment, but to reduce your company’s carbon footprint, while providing a more comfortable workplace.

We make it easy. After the initial assessment, our team will collect all the necessary data to work on your business' unique Implementation Plan. We provide a high level of customer service, from the project design, supervision and management, up to the final inspection and commissioning of your Solution Plan.

Improvements Implemented? 


Now it's time to monitor your investment. As soon as your Solution Plan has been implemented, we will install state-of-the-art technology that will allow you to monitor your system in real-time via the internet. Our system will allow you to evaluate the achieved energy savings.

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