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Glass Buildings


The next big thing is now!

The Next Solar Energy Technology Inc, partnered with 360offGrid. Our mission is to offer 360offGrid 100% Clean Energy solutions for several sectors including the film industry, construction, natural disaster, health care, military services, and others. 

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MightyForce Solar Generator

No pollution, No noise, No odor

360offGrid’s MightyForce has a clean, compact design with specialized features that allows for instant operation without any noise, pollution, or odor.  Our eco-friendly portable lithium generator is equipped with NEVERDIE BMS® technology by Lithionics Battery and has the ability to be monitored by GPS.  This device also provides the option to connect to our portable FlatForce Solar Panels (200W, 320W, 800W).  MightyForce is the ideal solution for energy-demanding industries needing effective, professional machinery.

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Light Tower

BrighterForce Solar Light tower

Our light tower is compact and designed for a single person setup and instant operation. Our high efficient proprietary LED requires less power than a standard fluorescent light. Completely eco-friendly solution with no emissions or pollutants is released into. the environment.

Equipped with NEVERDIE BMS Technology by Lithionics the most liable, efficient, and safe lithium-ion battery in the market today. Absolutely no maintenance required.

Talent Trailer

trailer 1.png

LighterForce Trailer

LighterForce is the most unique trailer in existence.  The overall features were designed to be simple and luxurious, but there’s more than what meets the eye.  With advanced technology, the interior air is continuously cleansed to ensure the elimination of bacteria and viruses.  The trailer’s exterior was constructed with material so light that the trailer itself bears less weight than any device of its kind.  Consistent with eco-efficient technology, 360offGrid’s LighterForce is the world’s only genuine off-grid trailer.

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