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10 Solar Energy Terms Business Owners Need to Know

Choosing solar energy for your business: 10 terms

Large corporations all over the world are embracing solar energy to reduce overhead and increase profits. Still, some business owners are hesitant to make the switch. We understand you need to have all the information to make the best decision for your company. That’s why we put together this guide to understanding solar energy, starting with the terms you’ll need while doing your research.

  1. PV (or photovoltaic) Cell or Array – PV can be used to describe a range of cells used to create a solar array, panel, or system. Photovoltaic specifically describes the process of converting radiation from the sun into electricity.

  2. Energy Audit Report – An in-depth look at your current energy spendings, and ways The Next Energy can help your business save resources.

  3. Insolation – A term referring to the amount of solar energy exposed to the Earth at any given time.

  4. Solar Nuclear Fusion – How the sun releases the energy solar panels use to generate electricity. Hydrogen atoms are fused to create Helium within the sun, and this reaction is what is responsible for the energy the sun emits.

  5. Alternating Current (AC) – A flow of electric charge that changes direction and voltage periodically. Used to power homes and businesses.

  6. Direct Current (DC) – A flow of electric charge that stays constant in one direction and at one voltage. Used to power cell phones, flashlights, and electric vehicles.

  7. Power Inverter – An industrial-grade transformer that converts electricity into alternating or direct current, depending on the source and output. Power inverters can be the size of a cassette tape or a pickup truck.

  8. Photon – A basic unit of light that comes from the sun.

  9. Series/Parallel Wiring – An approach to consolidating solar panel strings that varies depending on the system and power needs.

  10. Grid – Shorthand for discussing an electrical system. Can be used to mean the system that powers your office, the entire building, or the entire city.

Ready to learn more about solar energy and its applications for business, industrial and government buildings? Head to our blog, where we discuss the work we’re doing to reduce overhead and increase profit for companies across the world.

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