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ThermX Technology Taking Whole Foods Market to The Next Level!

The Next Energy Technology has recently witnessed the exciting progress being made at Whole Foods Market in Huntington Beach, CA. Over the past month, SolX Energy, our technology distributor, and local contractors have been working hard to install ThermX Technology (Solar Thermodynamic Collectors) on the popular market to move them one step closer to being the most energy efficient in the nation. Mark Crabtree, the CEO of SolX, has shared his excitement about this process with us and has said that the installation of the project has been flowing seamlessly and he is eager to see the energy efficiency improvements that the market will have.

The Next Energy co-founder, John Brubaker, had the opportunity to stop by the construction site over the weekend to see the progress being made. We were able to snap a few photos and were excited to see this technology making it's way into the California energy industry. If you're interested in learning more about the power of ThermX HVAC-R systems, reach out to us at

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