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 LED Lighting Retrofit

The Next Energy Technology, Inc. is a major player in the energy technology market, and we are here to help you maximize your energy savings and help your company become more energy-efficient and carbon-friendly through LED lighting. Whether you are replacing point for point or looking to install a completely new bespoke system, the possibilities with LED are endless and only limited by imagination.


Our in-house design & technical team will take into consideration your requirements to propose solutions for the level of lighting required for specific applications, right through to how your property should be lit in an emergency situation.

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What are the benefits of LED lighting?


One of the biggest benefits of LED lighting is that they offer the highest efficiency on the market, outperforming both halogen and CFL lighting – LED can save you up to 70% on your electricity bills if replacing standard incandescent lighting. On average, the savings made on your bills can cover your initial investment cost in as little as 2 years.


Another key benefit is that LED technology requires no maintenance and, depending on the devices, the lighting is still at 90% brightness after 50,000 to 150,000 hours of usage. The reliability of the technology also makes LED a perfect candidate for emergency lighting, therefore improving workplace safety.


LED lighting can also be controlled by Smart Technology, allowing you to control the lighting via handheld devices or using sensors to turn lights on only when they are needed and no ballast required, eliminating the possibilities of issues and eliminating maintenance cost.

Lighting Design


In an effort to reduce LED conversion costs, some project owners fall into a trap: discarding the lighting design and specification process. However, this causes many problems and additional costs down the road. In some cases, overlooking the design phase can be the direct cause of project failure.

An LED conversion project has the goal of reducing the operation and maintenance costs of a lighting system while delivering a quality of lighting that meets or surpasses that of the lamps and fixtures replaced.

With our professional lighting design team, we will make sure that the LED lamps and fixtures deliver lighting with the right characteristics for each application. 

No Budget? No Problem!

Let the savings pay for your investment

  • NO BUDGET? NO PROBLEM!  No upfront costs! Implement a money-saving project regardless of the annual budget and let your savings and available incentives pay for your system

  • RISK-FREE Our warranty and maintenance program covers your business throughout the entire lease term. We will even provide replacements free of charge!

  • FLEXIBLE TERMS Better than a conventional loan, with flexible terms of 5 to 7 years.

    • No personal credit check

    • No closing costs

    • No financial statements required for projects less than $150,000

    • No personal guarantees

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