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Busting Solar Myths: Three Things You Never Knew About Solar Energy

If you’re thinking about using solar power to lower your bottom line and offset your business’s environmental impact, you’ve done your research. You know how many days of sunlight your city gets, how many square inches of photovoltaic cells you might need, and how much money the switch to solar could save you. But you also have seen some of the downsides.

In any well-researched field, there will be arguments for and against the use of new technology. We believe solar power is an environmentally responsible option for your business, so The Next Energy Technology is here to educate you about these opposing views and help you understand what we do to offset them.

Solar panel installation costs too much

It may cost the manufacturer, and it may cost to transport and install, but all your up-front costs will be offset by a lower energy bill in the future. Most of our large-scale projects pay for themselves in less than two years. Besides this, there are government incentives and grants that will allow you to pay less out of pocket to install solar panels, HVAC systems, and coolers. The Next Energy Technology researches this for your company to help you to get the most out of your money spent on the project. Contact us to learn more about incentives available in your area.

The switch from traditional energy to solar energy is too difficult

No company has ever moved forward in their industry by watching the world change around them and refusing to respond. Solar energy is the future of sustainable business. Installing solar-supported systems to help your business stay ahead of the curve is a great way to prove to customers and employees alike that you’re willing to champion change for the better.

When The Next Energy Technology provides you with an energy report for your business, we know not everything can be solved by adding solar panels. We also know you might not want your entire system relying on solar energy all the time. When you do make the switch, you don’t need to fully commit to using photovoltaic panels. Your company can ease into solar energy as a power source.

If you’d like to learn more about the science behind solar energy and its applications in the commercial, industrial, and governmental worlds, connect with us on social media. Give us a like on Facebook to see updates about the solar industry, or follow us on Pinterest for science projects you can do with children to educate them about solar energy.

Creating solar cells is inefficient

In a perfect world, the use of solar cells would offset the factory-produced negatives, but for now, this is what we have. Technology advances daily, and soon, the creation of photovoltaic cells could be carbon neutral. Until that day comes, the pressure is on businesses and community leaders to provide an energy-efficient example for others to follow. Soon, every roof will support a solar panel and every business will care about being the most energy-efficient they can be.

This change is already happening with LEED certifications and recycling becoming more important to local consumers. You could be a part of helping solar panels join that level of influence.

Some detractors in the solar cell debate argue that the best energy use is less energy use, and The Next Energy Technology couldn’t agree more. That’s why our first answer to “How can my business spend less on energy use?” is to assess your existing systems and address those problems first. Solar energy may not be the right fit for every business, but it’s always the right fit to know and consider all your options before making a decision.

We won’t always think solar panels are the right direction for your business, but if we do, we want you to have all the information before deciding for or against. If you’d like to learn more, visit our website.


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