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7 Proven Ways LED Lighting Can Save Your Business Money

Switching your current light bulbs for LED bulbs is the simplest energy efficiency tweak your business can make. Still, some business owners are hesitant to make the switch because of the greater cost upfront when compared to traditional light bulbs. The simple truth is: When used in place of their inexpensive counterparts, these bulbs can save you business money with added benefits for productivity and brand image.

LEDs differ from other kinds of lighting in that they emit light in a single direction instead of all directions, using less energy and focusing its brightness. This benefit results in lower energy bills, fewer fixtures needed to light a room, and more durable bulbs.

1. How will LED lighting benefit my business financially?

LED bulbs offer the highest efficiency on the market, outperforming both halogen and CFL lighting. When replacing traditional incandescent lighting, LEDs can save up to 90% of your electricity bill.

2. Let’s talk numbers. What’s the real difference between LEDs and incandescent or CFL lighting options?

On average, the savings made on your bills can cover your initial investment cost in as few as two years. Our most recent installation in a church allowed them wiggle room in their budget from their energy savings in just the first month after the switch.

3. Why do LED lights outperform other lighting options?

LEDs create the same amount of light as traditional lighting options while using a fraction of the energy. Because of this, you’ll pay less in energy bills for the same amount and quality of lighting in your building.

4. How will LED bulbs affect my office space as far as my employees are concerned?

Since they’re more efficient with fewer bulbs, you have the flexibility to create brighter and friendlier environments than with traditional lighting, positively impacting worker efficiency and customer engagement.

5. Will they need any specific maintenance?

Another key benefit is that LED technology requires no maintenance and, depending on the devices, the lighting will remain at 90% brightness after 150,000 hours of usage. Your business will spend fewer man-hours replacing and buying new bulbs once you install LED lighting.

The technology’s reliability makes LEDs a perfect candidate for emergency lighting, which improves workplace safety.

LED lighting can also be controlled by Smart Technology, allowing you to control the lighting via handheld devices or using sensors to turn lights on only when they are needed.

6. Can my office space/industrial plant/government agency use LED bulbs?

7. How can I pay to replace my incandescent lighting with LED bulbs?

The Next Energy Technology, Inc boasts a pay as you save program, meaning you won’t pay anything upfront to install your new LED bulbs. Instead, as months pass with your lower energy bills, you’ll pay us from those savings.

No matter how long it takes, we’ve bet on your increased efficiency to pay us back a fixed initial rate. We also provide a five-year lamp warranty on our LED bulbs, with a promise to replace our lighting during the leasing term free of charge.

Our terms are flexible, with payback programs between three and seven years, no credit check, no closing costs, and no financial statements required.

Whether you are looking to replace each of your current bulbs, or want to install a completely new lighting system for your business, the possibilities with LEDs are endless. Our in-house design & technical team will take into consideration your requirements and help you get the lighting installation your business needs.

The Next Energy Technology, Inc. has partnered with LightEdison, a major player in the energy technology market, to help you make that low cost, high return difference in your energy bill, carbon footprint, and overall day-to-day efficiency.


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