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William Oliveira
CTO & Co-Founder

Born and raised in Brazil, William Oliveira is a highly dedicated, goal-driven, and dexterous contracting entrepreneur within the construction industry. He is the founder and owner of Saints & Santos, The Next Solar Energy Technology Inc., S&S Construction and 360offGrid. Throughout his career, William and his team have successfully completed numerous high scale projects that improved the overall value and appeal for the City of New Orleans.

William has an extensive background that has led to the impressive leadership skills he features today. Starting out at age 12, William began working at a flea market, helping customers with their bags for 1.5 years, grasping the importance of ideal customer service. By age 14, William started working with his cousin at a bakery, cleaning and making bread to sustain the business operations. During his off time, he would head home to help his mother with house chores and babysitting his younger brother.

As William entered adolescence, he already has a strong work ethic and aspired to help others and make a difference in the world. Though he eventually did make his lasting mark, it was not a smooth transition. Upon graduating high school at age 16, William was denied twice when trying to get into college. Due to this, he began working full time at an agricultural machine company until age 18, professionalizing in sales and irrigation. 

From there, William started working at a car title company, still trying to find a place where he could be fulfilled with his work, but unfortunately, this was still not it for him. William knew there was more to live out there and so many opportunities that he could find, and he never wanted to settle for anything less. With the little money he had saved, William bought used motorcycles and cars and started reselling them. This was successful for just over a year, but several malfunctions in his cars caused him to shut down. Upon losing his first business, William started to sell China décor and embellishments, trying to make ends meet.

By age 24, William knew he needed a change. He decided to move to America in 1998, residing in San Francisco. Here he started working at a pizza shop for 16 hours each day, making just $3.75 an hour and delivering newspapers every day. After some time, William was promoted to a pizza maker, where he dedicated his time to this role for 3 years.

After this journey, William took on a new role: delivering organic fresh foods and cab driving, often getting mocked and verbally harassed due to his strong accent. After 4 years of facing this adversity, William began investing in himself. In 2006, he went to city college in San Francisco, majoring in construction.

After 2 years of studying, William started taking on small, sub-contracted projects. Though he lost his small construction jobs during the 2008 Depression, he still persevered in this career path. Even after finding no opportunity after moving to Atlanta, he met with an investor, who had just bought 5 houses in New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina. That was the turning point in William’s career that inspired him to begin 360offGrid and has been thriving ever since. 

William had a long road to success but proves that it is possible with perseverance, dedication, and hard work. As an entrepreneur who is also heavily involved with real estate (landlord of an apartment complex, and building custom homes), William has cultivated a deep understanding of what it takes to prosper in these industries. He has a remarkable business-oriented and self-disciplined background and continuously works on improving himself to keep progressing both personally and professionally to deliver exceptional outcomes. 

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