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William Oliveira

William Oliveira, originally from Brazil, stands out as a determined and skilled entrepreneur in the construction sector. As the founder and proprietor of Saints & Santos, The Next Solar Energy Technology Inc., S&S Construction, and 360offGrid, he has overseen the successful completion of numerous large-scale projects, enhancing the value and appeal of the City of New Orleans.


William's journey to leadership began early in life. At the age of 12, he started working at a flea market, where he learned the importance of customer service by assisting shoppers for over a year. Subsequently, he spent time in a bakery, helping his cousin with tasks ranging from cleaning to breadmaking, all while balancing household chores and looking after his younger brother.


His strong work ethic and desire to make a difference were evident from adolescence. Despite facing setbacks, such as being twice denied entry to college after graduating high school at 16, he dove into the workforce, honing his skills in sales and irrigation at an agricultural machinery company. Even as he explored various roles, including working at a car title company and venturing into vehicle reselling and selling décor, William remained determined to find his true calling.


At 24, seeking new opportunities, William immigrated to the United States in 1998, settling in San Francisco. There, he worked tirelessly at a pizza shop, gradually rising from delivering newspapers to becoming a pizza maker over three years. Despite encountering challenges, including mockery and verbal harassment due to his accent while working as a cab driver and delivering organic produce, William persisted. In 2006, he enrolled in a city college, focusing on construction studies.


Following his education, William ventured into subcontracting small projects but faced setbacks during the 2008 Depression. Undeterred, he continued his journey, eventually finding a turning point after meeting an investor with properties in New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina. This encounter inspired the establishment of 360offGrid, marking a significant milestone in William's career.


Despite the obstacles encountered along the way, William's story illustrates the power of perseverance, dedication, and hard work. As an entrepreneur deeply involved in real estate, including managing an apartment complex and constructing custom homes, William possesses a profound understanding of the industries in which he operates. Continuously striving for personal and professional growth, he remains committed to delivering exceptional results.

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