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Roger Timoteo
CEO & Co-Founder

CEO and Founder of The Next Solar Energy Technology Inc and 360offGrid, Roger is an inspirational representation of what a true leader should be and proof that anyone can make a name for themselves, despite their predisposition background. Roger has accomplished a vast range of successes throughout both his career and life, and has extensive experience in business development, advanced technologies, solar energy, and leverages inventive innovations to achieve optimal business and societal growth.


Born and raised in northeast Brazil, Roger had always fostered an underlying passion for solar energy and its ability to improve both lifestyle and the environment. He was also ardent about technology, avidly studying IT and Design to get a rooted foundational understanding of the industry. This knowledge allowed him to become a computer software developer, but for Roger, he craved more. He aspired to develop his own business involving technology and solar energies, and he remained dedicated to his goal even through all the challenges that were trying to hold him back.


When Roger was just 19 years old, he moved to the United States with the mission to fulfill his entrepreneurial dream. However, with only $400 in his pocket and unable to speak English, it was not an easy starting point. Upon arriving, Roger was able to work as a painter and a dishwasher to make some income (only $5.25 per hour). Though it was not exactly what he wanted to be doing, he stayed motivated and did his best. He was also one of the first groups that started the reconstruction of New Orleans, cleaning the demolition from Hurricane Katrina during this time.


Roger worked exceptionally hard to establish a base for himself, and it did end up paying off. Due to his strong work ethic, Roger landed a new role with a New Orleans local bilingual newspaper company. This was a turning point for Roger. He was able to improve his English and Spanish to profound levels and made very vital connections within both the Latino community and with American businessmen.


In 2008, Roger decided to go back to the IT industry and opened a store that was dedicated to computer repair and graphic design. Simultaneously, he opened his first construction company, Vista Contractors, specializing in flooring commercial buildings. Roger's company became the largest Louisiana contractor in the Latino community, with over 80 employees and an inventory of successes, including Superdome, the Hilton Hotel, Ochsner, and Tulane Hospital.


It was around this time that Roger realized the potential in the field of home elevation. Upon implementing this service and the unwillingness to let himself fail, this sector became the biggest housing elevation company in Louisiana, with 87 houses elevated in just 7 months. Not only was this an impeccable outcome, but it also sparked Roger’s sustainable energy passion that he cultivated back in Brazil. He began self-teaching and mastering himself within this field, and in 2013, Roger established the Vista Group, a company that created the first solar thermal air conditioning system in Louisiana. In just the first year, Vista completed more than 300 installations.


Anyone who knows Roger knows that he is always working on improving himself both personally and professionally to come up with amazing outcomes. In 2015, he analyzed the ever-evolving market and decided to restart a company called The Next Energy Technology. In the beginning phase, Roger orchestrated the efforts to patent and brought some of the most efficient energy solutions to the film industry. The star of the new company is called Talent Trailer, a product utilized by famous actors such as Brad Pitt, Sandra Bullock, Denzel Washington, Chris Brown, Chris Rock, Bruno Mars, and Vin Diesel.


Roger has a deep ardency for what he does, is always looking ahead to find opportunities, and holds the core values required to generate prospering results. Though on the surface Roger is a well-established, successful individual who is now giving back to the community, and had sponsored sports teams of LSU, the New Orleans Saints, and the Pelicans, it was not an easy road to reach that point. It took him years of perseverance, immense drive, and willpower. Even though there were many obstacles and the odds were often against him, Roger built his own empire from the ground up, which is still proactively contributing to the futuristic advancements in society today.

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