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MightyForce by 360offGrid

7KW Model

Combining luxury, simplicity and high technology MightyForce by 360offGrid is the cleanest, reliable and powerful portable battery bank in the world

  • Compact & Clean Design

  • Single Person Setup

  • Instant Operation

  • NO Noise

  • NO Pollution

  • NO Odor

  • Fits Through Standard Doorways 

  • Emergency Stop Button

  • Fits in the back of a Truck

  • The Only Portable Power Station on the World Equipped with NEVERDIE® Technology by Lithionics Battery

  • Fire Proof

  • 5"Solid Rubber Tires

  • Remote Monitoring System (As Per Clients Request)

  • OneStop GPS System (As Per Clients Request)

MightyForce G2 .0.png



Film, Events, Health Care, Rental Houses, Disaster Relief, Construction, others.

20kw Specsheet
Screen Shot 2020-06-15 at 12.29.39
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