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Meghan Selva
General Manager

Meghan's story begins in a suburban enclave just outside the bustling metropolis of Los Angeles, California. Born to a Nicaraguan immigrant and a native of New Orleans, her early years were marked by the vibrant blend of cultures and experiences that shaped her identity. After a stint on the West Coast, Meghan's family made the pivotal decision to move to Metairie, Louisiana, where they laid down roots and established their home.


A proud graduate of Archbishop Chapelle High School, Meghan's academic journey continued at the University of New Orleans, where she earned her Bachelor of Science in Psychology in 2014. Armed with her education and fueled by ambition, Meghan embarked on a dual role as a devoted mother of two and a dedicated professional.


In her capacity at The Next Energy Technology, Inc., Meghan is a driving force behind the scenes. Her contributions extend far beyond the confines of her full-time job, as she actively engages in shaping innovative renovation ideas and devising systems and policies to ensure seamless business transactions with partners and clients alike. With a steadfast commitment to both her career and her family, Meghan embodies resilience, determination, and unwavering dedication in every aspect of her life.

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