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John Alden Brubaker
COO & Co-Founder

John Alden Brubaker is a third-generation film and television industry professional with more than 35 years of experience.  John’s family has an extensive history in the film and television industry (John likes to say he was born with the DNA of film and TV in his blood) and he has continued the Brubaker family legacy with his own distinguished career.

John’s Maternal Grandmother studied opera in Paris and when she returned to the United States in the 1930’s she began her film career at MGM; at the same time, John’s Paternal Grandfather was working in the transportation department at MGM.  John’s father, James “Jim” D. Brubaker, followed their footsteps and began his film career with MGM in the early 1960’s working with the legendary John Ford and John Wayne among others.  Jim’s career flourished, he ran Sylvester Stallone’s and Jim Carey’s production companies, garnered dozens of awards and he ultimately retired as President of Universal Studios in 2008.  Jim has continued to produce award winning movies into his ‘retirement’. Today John, his siblings and extended family members also produce movies and work in the industry in various capacities. His sister Marcei produced the Academy Award winning film BlacKkKlansman for Spike Lee.  With these deep family roots, John continues a longstanding family tradition of service to the film and television industry. 


John and his family have extensive relationships throughout the film and television industry. John has continued to leverage these relationships, as well as his skills and experience, for various business ventures, including the investment in, and development of the highly successful Atlanta Metro Studios in Atlanta Georgia.  Home to the two largest purpose-built soundstages in North America, Atlanta Metro Studios has achieved an astounding 115% average occupancy rate since its opening.   The facility is now the long term home to NETFLIX and HBO Films in Atlanta. 

Since 1986, John has worked on 37 feature films, multiple television series, and has produced two feature length films. As a Transportation Coordinator, John has worked on projects with budgets as high as $250 million and managing 100+ drivers per project.  John not only oversees the logistics on his own team, but is also heavily involved across all teams working on a project.  

John is a dependable and creative professional with 35 years of experience in the film and television industry who has an ability to work under pressure and quickly adjust to any budgetary or operational changes that come his way, always leaving studios and clients satisfied after the completion of every project.

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