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First Pentecostal LED Lighting Retrofit


Wednesday, August 3, 16

To Whom It May Concern, 

Recently First Pentecostal Church Westbank allowed David and Roger heads of, “The Next Energy Technologies Company” to come into our Church/Family Center to change out all old Incandescent bulbs to LED’s. In our auditorium alone we had some 150 bulbs. Some were 75 watt, others were 150 watts. Our Family center was much the same, we are now into the second month of our changeover and it’s obvious the savings to our overall energy bills are going to be considerable. 

These folks have a unique program that I believe all would be interested in if they received a presentation. They were extremely professional, they were attentive to our needs to work around services, they always did what they said they were going to do, and the great thing is the church people never have to change another bulb, in the first place the LED’s are built to last much longer than the originals, but if they do go out this company sends in a team immediately to change out the old bulbs. 

I believe in this company and hope others give them an opportunity to aid in their churches energy costs. 


M. K. Sartin

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