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Eric LeBlanc
Vice President of Sales

Originating from Thibodaux, Louisiana, Eric's connection to Bayou Country runs profound, embedding within him a strong work ethic since his youth, molded by his family's longstanding dedication to both community service and entrepreneurship.


Inspired by his familial heritage, Eric charted his own path in the creative realm of the film industry, where he has thrived as an actor, writer, and filmmaker for over 15 years. His cinematic prowess culminated in the acclaimed film "End Trip," which garnered him the prestigious Best Director award at the Madrid International Film Festival. Alongside his cinematic pursuits, Eric has honed his skills in marketing, sales, and consulting, showcasing his entrepreneurial versatility. From his early days as a route manager at Schwann’s Foods, where he excelled in sales, to his tenure as a production operator in the Gulf of Mexico and later in refineries, Eric's journey traversed diverse industries.


Returning to his sales roots, Eric became a leading seller for AT&T's innovative television service, U-Verse, before venturing into the realm of energy efficiency in California.


Recognizing an untapped opportunity in his home state, Eric returned to Louisiana, where he co-founded The Next Energy Solar Technology alongside Roger Timoteo and embarked on the development of 360offGrid. Over the past three years, Eric's endeavors have centered on helping local businesses reduce their energy costs while alleviating strain on the grid, epitomizing his commitment to community empowerment and sustainable progress.

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