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GUILLERMO Tirado.jpeg
Guillermo "GT" Tirado
Senior Engineer

Passionate about energy innovation, Guillermo "GT" Tirado brings over two decades of expertise as a Venezuelan Electrical Engineer to the table. Fluent in both English and Spanish, his professional journey has taken him across diverse country markets, including extensive stays in Venezuela, Colombia, and Chile. Throughout his career, GT has collaborated with a spectrum of energy entities, spanning private, government, and family-run companies, assuming roles ranging from vendor to project builder to Industrial Projects advisor.


GT's multifaceted skill set encompasses specialized roles in Project Control, Commercial Management, Project Structuring, Technical-Economic Offers, Tenders, Business Development, Cash flow Projections, International Supply Chain, Purchasing, KPIs, and Risk Management. He has undergone rigorous supervisory and managerial training, including foundational coursework towards earning certification as a Project Manager Professional from the esteemed Project Management Institute. With a robust foundation in technological acumen and hands-on experience in Industrial Projects and Automation, GT is equipped to navigate complex project landscapes with finesse.


At The Next Solar Energy, GT is a valued member of our Solar Project Team, lending his expertise to various facets of project execution. Whether it's facilitating Pre-Construction Inspections, overseeing the Purchasing process, coordinating Solar Module installation, managing Solar Electrical system deployment, or optimizing logistics, GT stands ready to provide invaluable assistance and guidance. His wealth of knowledge and unwavering dedication make him an indispensable asset in our pursuit of sustainable energy solutions.

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