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Magno Lima
Project & Asset Manager

Born in Brazil in 2002, Magno exhibited industriousness from an early age, immersing himself in various responsibilities within his family's home and his grandparents' ranch. By the tender age of 10, he was fully dedicated to daily ranch chores and actively contributed to the family store on weekends. Upon his relocation to the United States at 14 in 2016, Magno sought employment in the construction industry during summer breaks. Excelling in middle school, he quickly mastered English and Spanish, seamlessly adapting to American standards. Despite financial hurdles, he expanded his endeavors to include lawn maintenance for neighbors while concurrently attending high school.


Graduating as a distinguished alumnus of Riverdale High School in 2021, Magno distinguished himself in academics and leadership, serving as Executive Board President and later as Senior Class President. As an International Baccalaureate program participant, he undertook college-level classes, further enhancing his preparation for collegiate success. Presently enrolled at the University of New Orleans, Magno pursues a Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a concentration in Supply Management. He holds profound admiration for The Next Energy Technology's growth potential and aspires to make significant contributions to the company's success. Valuing the collaborative ethos of The Next Energy Technology team, Magno remains steadfast in his commitment to fostering team success and contributing to the company's overall prosperity.

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