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Justin Breaud

Born and raised in Thibodaux, Louisiana, Justin’s childhood was a mosaic of outdoor adventures, from chasing crawfish in the ditches to joining family and friends on deer hunting excursions in the woods. Rooted in the values passed down by his father, a prosperous businessman, and his grandfather, Roy Breaud Sr., a decorated World War II veteran, he learned the essence of hard work and resilience.


Under his father's guidance, he developed a deep appreciation for craftsmanship and the transformative power of creativity, spending countless hours engrossed in DIY projects and experimenting with tools.


Justin’s nurturing and light-hearted nature is a testament to his mother, Cheryl, whose unwavering love has been a steadfast support through life's challenges. Fond memories of bonding over Sunday morning cooking sessions with his grandmother Ethel in St James, Louisiana, ignited his passion for culinary arts and the joy of shared meals.


His journey into electrical work commenced with personal projects, such as equipping his first vehicle with sound systems and gadgets. Intrigued by the intricacies of wires and circuits, he pursued formal education at a local technical college, laying the foundation for a fulfilling 12-year career in a Baton Rouge-based company. There, he specialized in high voltage power systems, DCS low voltage systems, and daily equipment maintenance within chemical plants along the river.


Throughout his professional journey, he embraced leadership roles, tackled complex challenges with unwavering commitment to safety and precision, and upheld his father's ethos of taking pride in his work. After more than a decade with the same company, he transitioned to The Next Solar Energy, eager to leverage his expertise in shaping a sustainable future for the power grid.

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